The most popular choice for care homes and nursing homes are simple designs, and particularly iron-on nametags. These can be customised to suit the personalities of your loved ones and to be as clear as possible for the nurses or staff. These labels are quick to iron-on and will stay on in the wash and dryer for years of intensive communal washing.


Personal items can easily be misplaced or used by others when living in communal settings and there’s nothing worse than going to visit your parent and seeing them in someone else’s clothes or finding their belongings missing. It’s incredibly distressing for both the elderly and family members, but it can also be costly to replace such items, while some items of sentimental value can never be recovered.

It can be very traumatic for elderly people to be placed in these environments so it is important that they have their home comforts around them to make them feel at ease. On many occasions losing valuable or treasured items can be easily prevented by labelling an individual’s belongings. It’s an easy and cheap solution to an otherwise distressing and costly situation.

The most popular choice for care homes and nursing


Communal washing. With communal washing, it is easy for clothing to be lost or misplaced. My Nametags helps care homes label all clothing, so each resident has their own clothes. Name tags makes the job easier for staff, and residents feel much better.

New Colour Stickers for Clothing. You can now use My Nametags colour stickers for clothes. They are extremely easy to stick on and stay in the wash, provided you put the labels on the care tags of garments. My Nametags labels are very quick to apply, saving time for staff. Read more about the colour stickers.

Iron-on labels. Our colour iron-on labels are very quick to iron onto clothing. They are guaranteed to stay on for 10 years in the wash, and can be washed on very hot settings, as well as tumble dried. Our very high customer satisfaction rating gives you confidence that these labels are very useful.

Perfect for respite homes


With little time to prepare for new visitors, My Nametags labels are perfect for short-stay homes. We have developed a new colour sticker that stays on clothing. A quick order and delivery process, combined with a label that can just be stuck into clothing, is perfect for short-stay residents.

We usually produce the name tags within 24 hours of your internet order, and post it to you by first class post. By using My Nametags colour stickers on the washing or care labels of clothing, you can label a whole set of clothing in a couple of minutes. Even better, the stickers can also be used to label equipment such as glasses, glasses cases, CDs, radios etc.

Perfect for learning disabilities

A fun and eyecatching colour nametag that is easily recognisable on clothing and belongings and is great for finding clothing in the laundry.


Labels for Use in Care Homes

When the time comes for a family member to move to a nursing home or an assisted living facility, you will both be overwhelmed by the emotions involved.

The process is never easy, but there are some small things you can do to make your loved one feel more comfortable and safer in this new communal setting. One of them is to label their clothes and special items to make sure they never get lost or misplaced. Or if they do, to ensure they get returned. My Nametags clothing labels are waterproof and will not get lost in your washing machine.

Why Is This Important?

With many people living in these kinds of facilities, it is very common for things to go missing. First of all, most of the residents use the communal washing services the facility offers. Clothes are liable to be lost or misplaced here.

Secondly, residents with memory problems or mental disabilities may not be capable of ensuring their belongings stay with them or do not recognise the piece of clothing as theirs.

When you come to visit and see your family member in someone else’s clothes or find him or her in distress because some of their precious items have gone missing, it can be a very difficult experience for both of you. Using labels can help to avoid these kinds of situations.

Knowing that their possessions have been clearly labelled could help them to feel more at ease and accepting of the transition to this new environment. Labelling items, could also make the job of care home staff easier too, wasting less of their time on managing lost property and returning residents’ items.

Different Labelling Techniques

Permanent and Fabric Markers: The simplest way of labelling pieces of clothing may appear to be using a marker on the clothing tag. However, it is not an adequate solution in care homes, as the marker tends to wash off very quickly. Iron-on labels or colour sticker labels are therefore more appropriate solution.

Iron-on Name Labels: Iron-on name labels are most commonly requested by care homes, as they can be applied anywhere on fabric. The large, clear print on our label doesn’t fade away and these labels are made of a highly durable material. In combination, this will ensure they will stay on items and remain usable after hundreds of washing cycles. Attaching them is simple, just follow the steps laid out in the label sleeve or here on our website.

Sew-on Labels: This traditional approach to labelling is not well suited for care homes. The process of applying these labels is time consuming for staff or relatives. They are also liable to fade or eventually fall off in the wash. Functionality over tradition is important in care homes, iron-on or sticker labels are without doubt a better choice within this environment.

Color Stickers: Colourful sticker labels to mark the clothes of your loved ones are a good option. They are easy to attach and will not fall off during the washing cycle. The vibrant colours and customisable designs can make them more personal to residents. The designs can reflect their interests and the use of images on these may be helpful for those with memory loss or mental disabilities. You can find out more about them here.

The Proper Way of Labelling

For use in care or residential homes, there are some considerations for labelling belongings correctly. Full names and not nicknames should be used on the labels; it is best to assume that care home staff will not be familiar with those.

Whilst our labels should not cause any irritation to skin, we do advise applying iron-ons to areas of the fabric which are not likely to frequently rub against the skin, such as collars or on the inside of socks. The nametags should be placed in a position that is clearly visible to staff.

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